Blind Bag - Sample Sale!
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Blind Bag - Sample Sale!

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We're cleaning out our office and that means getting rid of all the sample wigs we have accumulated over the years. We still have some wigs from the very beginning and they're just sitting in storage, so we've decided to make "blind bags" with them.

For €10 you get 2 random sample wigs, for €25 you get 5! There is a €10 shipping fee for non EU customers, as shipping 5 wigs will be pricey and due to the low value of the blind bag we would be losing money. So please pick accordingly!

Can I let you know what styles/colors I prefer?
Yes you can, but you will receive a random selection so it won't really make a difference.

What is the state of the wigs in this blind bag?
It's very random, hence the low price. There will be some completely new wigs, there will be some that have been worn once for a shoot, there will be some that have been on display on shows, etc. So go into this expecting to need to spend some time on making the wigs look nice.

What wigs will be in the blind bags?
There will be some of our very first wigs, some of our very last wigs, lacefronts, wigs that never made it to production. Even some wigs we got produced at a different factory to check if we want to work with. In short: any wig ever available at our store and more.

Will I get an actual bag with it?
No, sorry. We're fresh out of those!

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