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Mystery Wig Box

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Grab your deluxe wig box with unique, exclusive wigs and more now!

This is the same product as on our Kickstarter page, however we have gotten many messages and responses for people who couldn't purchase a wig box because Kickstarter requires a credit card to back a project. This listing is especially for people who don't have a credit card. We have a limit of 20 boxes on our website, and it will be available for purchase until the end of the Kickstarter project.

Please check our Kickstarter page for more information on the content of this box.
A short rundown:
- This box contains 2 exclusive wigs that aren't available for purchase on the website, plus a small wig care package.
- We have 4 different wigs available, and at our 2.5k goal we will have 6 different wigs.
- On higher goal unlocks, more will be added to the box like a Lockshop Wigs tote bag and at the highest goal we even add a pair of eyelashes.
- It's possible to let us know what your color likes and dislikes are
- It's possible to choose a box "style" (naturals, unnaturals, random)

If you order multiple boxes (2 at our current goal, 3 at our next goal), you will be guaranteed no duplicates if you don't put in a color preference.

Expected delivery is mid/late December. This is a pre-order product, which will go into production once our Kickstarter is done and we have gathered everyone's preferences. We will do our best to make a box that suits everyone!

By ordering this product you understand that you might receive items that aren't entirely to your liking and we cannot accept returns for those reasons.

Warning: Discount coupons cannot be accepted for this product, your order will be cancelled and you have to re-order if you use a coupon.


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