Tips for making a synthetic lacefront wig more realistic

Lacefront Tutorial

Hello Lockshoppers!

In this post I will show you a few tips to make your synthetic lacefront wig look more realistic. There are many ways to customize lacefront wigs, and these are some of the easiest and quickest ways.

Let's get started!

Mystic Black Lacefront Wig

Lets take a look at a synthetic lacefront wig first. This is the Mystic Natural Black, and we will be using it to show you these easy tips. Straight from the bag you can tell that the hairline is a bit harsh and the lace is too long.

The wig also has a slightly unnatural widow's peak, which is great for customizing!
To soften the hairline and make a more natural widow's peak, we're going to tweeze the hairs.

You can part the wig a few centimeter in, but it's not very defined and when worn you won't be able to see it very well. You can make this more clear by tweezing the part.


One important tip I can give, is to look in the mirror and see what your own hairline looks like (or grab a friend who'se hairline you can inspect!). The hairline of this wig is full pretty equally, but in general our hairlines will be thinner at certain places.

My own hairline is thickest in the center, more thinner around the temples and towards the ears. I will use this as a reference on how I will tweeze the hairline.

When tweezing the hairline it's important to pay attention to a few things:

  • Keep the lace taut, you might want to pin the wig and the lace to a wig head.
  • For the pictures I didn't pin the wig, but later I pinned the wig to a styrofoam wig head. If you pin the lace, don't pin it too close to the hairline because you might rip the holes a little where you put the pins.
  • Grab the hair as close to the lace as possible. If you pull from further away you might not pull the hairs out and only damage them instead.
  • Don't tweeze the same amount everywhere, your hair doesn't grow evenly either and having a certain "randomness" will make the hairline look more natural.
  • It's okay to go back into the hairline a bit, it's very thick throughout and I personally prefer to thin that out myself.
  • Pay attention to any hairs that look "coiled" those are hairs that you pulled, but didn't get removed and they may cause knotting if you don't remove them.
  • Brush the areas that you tweezed frequently to remove any hair that may not have fallen out yet.
  • Don't over tweeze. It's best to err on the side of caution, and tweeze more later on.

This is the wig after I tweezed it. There's already a big difference in how the hairline looks!

Now it's time to cut the lace, you want to cut really close to the hairs, and it doesn't have to be perfectly straight. Be careful to not cut off any hairs you prefer to keep!

The lace is cut and at this point it would be ready to wear, but there are even more ways to make it look more natural!

One of my favorite tricks is to add a little concealer to the lace you can still see. So at the part, and at the edge of the hairline. You can remove any concealer that got on the hair by using a q-tip (and some make-up remover).

Some people prefer to also grab the scissors and cut in baby hairs, I personally don't do this (at the moment), but if you're interested in seeing how that works, you can find great tutorials on Youtube that explain it very well.

I hope you learned something from this post, thank you very much for reading!

Nina Aurora

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