Set of 2 Clip-in Spiral Tails Natural Black

Set of 2 Clip-in Spiral Tails Natural Black

Set of 2 Clip-in Spiral Tails Natural Black

A set of 2 spiral design clip-in ponytails, especially designed to match our soft bobs!

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Especially designed to match our soft bobs, this set of 2 spiral design clip-in ponytails, can also be worn on our other wigs! Do keep in mind, however, that because they were made for the bobs, they might not match our other colors 100% perfectly, as they use a mix of different colored fibers.

Wear them straight out of the bag (or with very little styling), for a sweet and toned down look, loosen parts of the tails for a bigger and more playful look, or comb them through completely for a fluffy and curly look! The original style is easy to get back, simply wrap the curls around your fingers and smooth everything out.

The fibers are soft and aren't prone to tangling, you can wear the tails straight from the package, or you can loosen parts of them up with your fingers or comb them through completely!

Please note:

Minor alterations regarding lighting and color balance have been made to make it match the wig in real life as closely as possible, however colors might look different in person due to different monitor brands and/or settings.

This is only the clip ins, the bob style wig is not included.

Please note regarding heat styling:
Our regular wigs can be styled up to 200°C or 390°F.
However, to be safe, we advise to style our wigs no higher than 150°C or 300°F.
Wigs, just like real hair, can be damaged by heat styling so please do it carefully and use high quality tools.


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